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The kitchen is one of the most special places in the house. Having it remodeled would be a great move for a more improved, better functioning, and great-looking kitchen. Kitchen Remodel Memphis will assist you with everything you need.

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Kitchen Design Memphis: Kitchen Styles You Would Like for Your Kitchen

When Kitchen Remodel Memphis, it would be best to have some inspiration for the new look of your kitchen. This would help you create your unique kitchen design.

There are many kitchen styles you can use for your new kitchen. Our Kitchen Design Memphis team will help you create a new look for your kitchen. So, you can discuss with us what looks you want, and we will do our best to achieve the ideal looks you want for your kitchen.

Here are some kitchen styles you may want, or you may use for your new kitchen design:

Classic Style-

The classic kitchen style shows off a gorgeous neutral base palette with a timeless feel, combined with several architectural details and a warm, inviting palette of soft furnishings. You add a statement using high detailed skirtings, cornices or wall paneling, architraves, together with eye-catching timber floors and fresh white walls.

With classic kitchen style, you can have a modern and functional kitchen with a comfortable and timeless look.

Glamour Style

If you want to make a true statement in your home, glamour style is perfect for you. To create an amazing kitchen space, start with a simple, monotone palette and add a splash of metallic or a dramatic oversized piece of artwork.

You may use a statement stone benchtop, or bling cabinet handles to create a glamour kitchen. Another idea to make a glamour kitchen is incorporating artwork and flowers into your space. Using whites, creams, and greys with jeweled or smoky accents and exciting textures can all make your glamour kitchen to life.


By incorporating the gorgeous striking elements of Kitchen Flooring Memphis and concrete-inspired tones, you will achieve a natural kitchen design. This design is enhanced by a real sense of workmanship, using furniture, lighting, joinery, and artwork. Consider adding a feature island bench if you still have space. Instead of a splashback, add a large window that will show off your garden. Lastly, use natural timber for your cabinets.

Natural style is known for its unrefined and imperfect look, and to achieve this, ensure to complement your kitchen with beautifully grainy timbers and rough stone surfaces.

We Create Unique and Stunning Kitchen Designs

We have established an excellent reputation in creating unique and stunning kitchens in Memphis, TN. We have helped thousands of homeowners in creating a kitchen design that reflects their lifestyle and personality. Using various kitchen styles, we guarantee that your new kitchen will be your new favorite in your home, and everyone will love its appearance.

Contact our Kitchen Design Memphis team and discuss with our experts what looks you want for your new kitchen.

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