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The kitchen is one of the most special places in the house. Having it remodeled would be a great move for a more improved, better functioning, and great-looking kitchen. Kitchen Remodel Memphis will assist you with everything you need.

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Kitchen Remodel Memphis

Homeowners normally opt for a kitchen remodel when they see a lot of issues that cannot be addressed by just repairing or replacing something. Most commonly, they attempt to do the renovations by themselves. When it comes to Kitchen Remodeling Memphis, it is always best to seek the help of experts. They know exactly what to do and how to address the concerns you have in your kitchen. Kitchen Remodel Memphis is always ready for any remodeling projects that involve kitchens. After all, kitchens are our specialty.

Our job apart from deconstructing your old kitchen and creating a new one in its carcass is to make sure that you are satisfied with what we did and you can fully use all the utilities in the kitchen without any issues. We will do everything to the best of our abilities to make sure that what you have in mind is made possible. Kitchen Remodel Memphis is known in the city to be a very organized, efficient, and customer-centric service provider. We pride ourselves in knowing that our community trusts us and so we give back by providing the most excellent service no other kitchen remodeling service provide could ever provide.

What We Do


We have a variety of wonderful designs for every kitchen type and size. Our designers are also always around in case of customized design requests from the client.


Our team is connected with equipment suppliers who can supply us with the necessary equipment needed in the kitchen.

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Our team has installed numerous kitchens in different homes around Memphis making us one of the most reliable kitchen installers in the city.


YA well-remodeled kitchen will definitely have the best lighting fixtures that would illuminate the area, making it an ideal place to prepare and share meals together with the family.


Our professional painters will paint your kitchen in a way that would make it look elegant yet homey.


We also ensure that your kitchen has ample space for the storage of food and kitchen supplies and equipment by installing sturdy cabinets.

How We Do It

The first thing on our agenda would be to visit your home for an inspection. We would be looking at the inner workings and utility lines of your kitchen. It is essential to determine how we would execute the planned layout for the remodel and how we can connect your new equipment with your existing utility lines such as the power lines for electricity and water supply lines. After this, the team would start with their work and gradually deconstruct the existing kitchen to make way for the new one. Depending on the age of the kitchen and how much of the kitchen would be remodeled, the deconstruction would be easier but a bit messy. We normally recommend residents find a temporary place to stay as the first few days of the project might be disruptive and chaotic.

The remodeling process may take up to 2 weeks. For this, we have prepared contingency plans in case the remodeling will take longer than usual. All this information is communicated constantly to the clients for them to understand what is happening in their homes. It is our way of ensuring that our client gets exactly what they want and need from us. After all, our team is dedicated to bringing the best kitchen remodeling service to the client.

The Team That Makes Things Possible

Kitchen Remodel Memphis has a roster of employees who are experienced in the field of kitchen remodeling, have certifications and licenses for the work they do, and most importantly, are known to the people of Memphis as the most reliable kitchen remodeling service provider in the city. We are no stranger to client requests and additional tasks during our remodeling. With that said, you can certainly trust the people who are behind the magic that is happening in your kitchen remodeling project.

With long years of experience and numerous clients who attest to what we can do, our team of experts is sure to deliver whatever was agreed on the renovation plans that were created. You can surely trust the one and only, best kitchen remodeling service provider in Memphis and surrounding cities. Watch us make the magic happen.

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Why Choose Kitchen Remodel Memphis

Kitchen Design

Our expert designers are very versatile when it comes to designing a kitchen for our clients. You can rely on them to produce the best results.

Affordable Kitchen Remodeling

Our services are always available for anyone who needs it. We make sure that our services are affordable for everyone.

Efficient Services

All our services are executed in the most efficient way possible; quick yet formidably effective!

Professional Team

Our team comprises the best professionals who are licensed and trained in everything they do. Plus, their years of experience in the field make them the best ones you can find in Memphis.

Premium Quality

We always give the best of our abilities when it comes to providing our premium-quality services. All our clients deserve the best!

Customized Kitchen

Our clients’ wishes are our command! We can make customized kitchens happen with our expertise and experience combined.

Client Testimonials

Mark J.

“The kitchen was a mess when we moved in. I immediately called Kitchen Remodel Memphis who magically turned the kitchen into a more modern and stunningly beautiful work of art! I feel so satisfied with their service.”


Alexandra T.

“I thought my kitchen was possessed after a lot of pipes burst and flooding happened in it. Turns out, my kitchen is outdated. This team helped me update the utilities in my kitchen and replaced the old with the new; flooring, cabinets, equipment, etc. Thank heavens for this team, I’m loving my new kitchen!”


Andrei L.

“I had no idea how to DIY my kitchen renovation. A neighbor saw me having the toughest time and suggested to call Kitchen Remodel Memphis for me. I’m glad they did. In a blink of an eye, my kitchen was transformed! So grateful for their spectacular service.”


Frequently Asked Questions

“How much does it cost to remodel a kitchen?” is one of the most commonly asked questions we hear. The average cost of a kitchen remodel with custom fittings and cabinets is approximately $18,000 – $25,000. Keep in mind, the price tag is dependant on the size of the renovation, and personalizations. Schedule a consultation today with one of our design experts at Kitchen Remodel Memphis for a personalized and accurate estimate.

Many of our clients ask, “how long does a kitchen remodel take?” A Memphis kitchen renovation can span anywhere between 2.5-5 months. This time frame is dependant on the kitchen’s size, structural changes, or any other significant reconfigurations needed.

How long does it take to replace kitchen cabinets? Well, on average, a Memphis kitchen cabinet replacement will take between 2-3 days for a basic whole-unit replacement. If plumbing or electrical reconfigurations are required to work around new cabinet changes, expect to add an additional 1-2 weeks to that estimate.

How much does a Memphis kitchen remodel add to my home’s value? On average, for every 100 dollars spent on a Memphis kitchen upgrade, you add 83 dollars to your home’s value. But this is just an average. Whether you need a full-service kitchen remodel or just a change in backsplash- contact Kitchen Remodel Memphis today for a personalized quote.

Where do I start with a kitchen remodel?” is a common question we hear from our clients. Before you begin, figure out a goal. Do you want to renovate to increase your home’s value, or do you want to remodel to achieve the kitchen of your dreams? Next, get in touch with our team of designers at Kitchen Remodel Memphis to begin your kitchen remodel today!

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